Unpolished Gem


Alice Pung

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Kuan’s first fiancé arranged by his father, An Pung. Not long after An makes the arrangement, Pol Pot takes over and their two families are sent to separate camps. All of Sokem’s family dies in the Killing Fields, and when she finds Kuan later, he is already seeing Kien. After An Pung dies of starvation, Kuan is glad when Huyen Thai does not hold him to the agreement. Sokem can sense that Kuan is in love with Kien, and she quietly bows out.
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Sokem Character Timeline in Unpolished Gem

The timeline below shows where the character Sokem appears in Unpolished Gem. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2
Culture and Assimilation  Theme Icon
...plastic bag factory back in Cambodia, and she still remembers the day that Kuan and Sokem became engaged. Then, Pol Pot’s regime took over and Kien’s family escaped to Vietnam while... (full context)
Family, Love, and Marriage Theme Icon
...his bicycle. One day, Kien went to the Pungs’ to return Kuan’s bicycle and found Sokem there as well. Sokem had lost her entire family in the Killing Fields, and she... (full context)