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Sammy Dean Parker Character Analysis

– A staunch young segregationist and an apparent leader among those opposed to the presence of the Little Rock Nine, motivated by a host of irrational fears that range from being overrun by black students to interracial marriage and miscegenation. In an interview with The New York Times, she raises the suspicion that the Little Rock Nine are being paid by the NAACP to integrate Central High School.

Sammy Dean Parker Quotes in Warriors Don’t Cry

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Racism and Living Under Jim Crow Theme Icon
Chapter 11 Quotes

Later in The New York Times, Sammy Dean Parker and Kaye Bacon said that as a result of the meeting they now had a new attitude. One headline in the Gazette read: “Two Pupils Tell of Change in Attitude on Segregation.” Sammy Dean Parker was quoted as saying, “The Negro Students don’t want to go to school with us any more than we want to go with them. If you really talk with them, you see their side of it. I think the NAACP is paying them to go.” When I read her statement, I realized Sammy hadn’t understood at all our reason for attending Central High. I wondered where on earth she thought there was enough money to pay for such brutal days as I was enduring [….] What price could anyone set for the joy and laughter and peace of mind I had given up?

Related Characters: Melba Pattillo Beals (speaker), Sammy Dean Parker (speaker)
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Sammy Dean Parker Character Timeline in Warriors Don’t Cry

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Chapter 11
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...organized by the Norwegian reporter, Mrs. Jorumn Rickets. Ernie, Minnijean, and Melba sit down with Sammy Dean Parker , who was in the newspaper hugging Governor Faubus, thanking him for keeping the Little... (full context)