Washington Square


Henry James

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Washington Square Characters

Catherine Sloper

Catherine is the protagonist of Washington Square. She is named after her mother, Mrs. Catherine Harrington Sloper, who died soon after giving birth to her. To her father, Dr. Sloper, the young… read analysis of Catherine Sloper

Dr. Austin Sloper

The antagonist of the novel, Dr. Sloper is a renowned New York City doctor and Catherine Sloper’s father. A witty, clever man of about fifty, Dr. Sloper lives in a new, modern house in… read analysis of Dr. Austin Sloper

Morris Townsend

Morris, about age 30, is the cousin of Arthur Townsend, Marian Almond’s fiancé. Catherine Sloper is introduced to him at Marian’s engagement party. He is kind and talks nonstop as they dance and… read analysis of Morris Townsend

Aunt Lavinia Penniman

Mrs. Penniman, Dr. Sloper’s sister, was left a childless widow at 33 and moved in with Dr. Sloper and Catherine Sloper. Dr. Sloper doesn’t think highly of his sister’s intelligence but is generally… read analysis of Aunt Lavinia Penniman

Mrs. Catherine Harrington Sloper

Catherine Harrington was the charming, beautiful, accomplished young woman whom Dr. Austin Sloper married as a young man. Her substantial dowry helped Dr. Sloper establish his medical practice. They had a very happy, albeit brief… read analysis of Mrs. Catherine Harrington Sloper
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Aunt Elizabeth Almond

Mrs. Almond is Dr. Sloper’s wiser and preferred sister, “comely, comfortable, [and] reasonable.” She is frequently a voice of moderation and reason in the book. She sees greater potential in Catherine Sloper than her… read analysis of Aunt Elizabeth Almond

Mrs. Montgomery

Mrs. Montgomery, a widow with five children, is Morris Townsend’s sister. Dr. Sloper visits her to learn more about Morris’s character. Mrs. Montgomery resists Dr. Sloper’s pressure to give him evidence against Morris, but… read analysis of Mrs. Montgomery
Minor Characters
Marian Almond
Marian is Catherine’s elegant 17-year-old cousin, daughter of Aunt Elizabeth Almond. Catherine meets Morris Townsend at Marian’s engagement party. Marian marries Morris’s cousin Arthur.
Arthur Townsend
Arthur is Marian Almond’s fiancé and Morris Townsend’s cousin. He is from a socially superior branch of the Townsends.