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Laurence Schexnayder Character Analysis

Laurence is Sally Jupiter’s publicist, who briefly runs publicity for all of the Minutemen, helping them reach their greatest level of fame in the 1940s. When Edward Blake tries to rape Sally, Laurence convinces her not to press charges, since it would tarnish the group’s public image. Laurence marries Sally, prompting her to leave the Minutemen, but eventually divorces her a decade later.
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Laurence Schexnayder Character Timeline in Watchmen

The timeline below shows where the character Laurence Schexnayder appears in Watchmen. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2: Absent Friends
Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes Theme Icon
American Corruption and Patriotism Theme Icon
Hollis recalls that the Minutemen formed in 1939, when Captain Metropolis convinced Sally’s agent—and later, husband—Laurence Schexnayder to organize a publicity campaign. Given all of the heroes’ “extreme personalities,” problems are... (full context)
Chapter 3: The Judge of All the Earth
Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes Theme Icon
American Corruption and Patriotism Theme Icon
...saw the decline of costumed heroes. The public stops being interested in their exploits—now that Schexnayder no longer runs publicity for them—and the government forces the majority of them to stand... (full context)
Chapter 9: The Darkness of Mere Being
Nihilism and Meaning Theme Icon
...small castle inside and listening to her parents fight in the next room, near divorce. Laurence knows that Sally had an affair, and that Laurie isn’t his daughter. When Laurence and... (full context)
Heroes, Villains, and Vigilantes Theme Icon
...Metropolis writes her a letter suggesting that they team up and begin forming the Minutemen. Laurence Schexnayder proposes marriage through a letter, calling it a “viable partnership proposition.” An interview transcript... (full context)