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Current Battle Ends on 2/28/2021
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The Minutemen

The Minutemen are a group of masked vigilantes, founded by Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner) and the original Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter) in 1939. The Minutemen represent the first generation of costumed heroes. They… read analysis of The Minutemen

The Crimebusters

The Crimebusters are a failed attempt by an aging Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner) to create a follow-up version of the Minutemen in 1966. The Crimebusters only hold one meeting before falling apart. read analysis of The Crimebusters

The Keene Act of 1977

The Keene Act of 1977 is a fictional American law that outlaws all vigilantes and caped crusaders except for the Comedian (Edward Blake) and Dr. Manhattan (Jon Osterman), who work on behalf of the American… read analysis of The Keene Act of 1977