Watership Down


Richard Adams

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Watership Down Characters


Hazel is the primary protagonist of the novel, and the intrepid leader of a band of rabbits who flee their home at Sandleford after Hazel’s brother Fiver experiences a vision of their warren’s destruction. Though… read analysis of Hazel


A small, nervous rabbit and Hazel’s brother. The runt of his litter, Fiver has been blessed—or cursed—all his life with a series of visions that allow him to sense or even see the future… read analysis of Fiver


A large, gruff, and brave rabbit and a former member of the Sandleford Owsla who becomes Hazel’s right-hand man on their journey across the English countryside in search of a new place to call… read analysis of Bigwig


A “foreign” gull who migrates inland from the “Peeg Vater” (Big Water, or the ocean) and, while nursing a wing injury, is discovered by Hazel’s band of rabbits. The rabbits help nurse Kehaar back to… read analysis of Kehaar

General Woundwort

The fearsome, twisted, violent leader of Efrafa. Woundwort demands blind allegiance from his fellow rabbits and exerts total control over every aspect of their lives. He grew up “very wild”—already the strongest of his… read analysis of General Woundwort
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The de facto leader of a countryside warren. Though wild rabbits live in the warren, they are tended by a local farmer who leaves them fresh vegetables and roots to eat. The rabbits live in… read analysis of Cowslip


At the start of the novel, Holly is the captain of the Sandleford Owsla, and opposes Hazel, Fiver, and their band of rabbits’ decision to leave the warren. Later in the novel… read analysis of Holly
Minor Characters
A confident, knowledgeable, rebellious doe from Efrafa who joins Bigwig in the attempt to break several rabbits—most of them does—out of the Efrafan warren. She later becomes Bigwig’s mate.
A small, nervous, but loyal rabbit who braves his fear and anxiety about leaving the Sandleford warren to follow Hazel.
The natural storyteller of Hazel’s group of rabbits, Dandelion is both physically and mentally quick. Dandelion’s tales of El-ahrairah comfort and excite the other rabbits.
An “alert and intelligent” rabbit with tipped ears who leaves the Sandleford warren with Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and the others. He becomes one of Hazel’s most trusted friends and an important strategist throughout the rabbits’ long journey.
One of Hazel’s followers. He briefly questions Hazel’s leadership at a difficult point in the journey to Watership Down.
One of Hazel’s followers. A nervous rabbit.
An empathetic, helpful rabbit.
A “decent, straightforward” rabbit.
A former member of the Sandleford Owsla and a loyal, intrepid rabbit.
The leader of the Sandleford warren.
A rabbit from Cowslip’s warren who begs to join Hazel and his group of rabbits when they depart from their stay at Cowslip’s burrow. Strawberry becomes a hardworking and important member of Hazel’s band of rabbits and is instrumental in the construction of Watership Down.
A “poet” and storyteller from Cowslip’s warren.
A funny rabbit who often attempts to tell jokes to lighten the mood in difficult times. Despite his comic demeanor, Bluebell can put up a fight when push comes to shove.
A black and white Himalayan rabbit raised in captivity on a farm in the countryside. Hazel, Bigwig, and Dandelion “rescue” Boxwood and his hutchmates Laurel, Clover, and Haystack from their hutch in hopes of bringing them back to Watership Down.
A short-haired black Angora buck raised in captivity on a farm in the countryside. Laurel does not make it away from the farm though, as his owners catch him and return him to the hutch.
A “strong, active” short-haired black Angora doe raised in captivity on a farm in the countryside.
A black and white Himalayan doe rabbit who was raised in captivity on a farm in the countryside. Boxwood’s mate.
Captain Chervil
An Efrafan Mark officer.
An Efrafan Mark officer.
Captain Campion
A captain in the Efrafan Owsla, loyal to Woundwort.
An Efrafan rabbit who is “dreadfully mutilated” due to his record of rebellion, insubordination, and escape attempts. He joins Bigwig’s escape mission, assisting Bigwig in breaking several does out of Efrafa.
A gossipy Efrafan doe with a reputation for being “young and silly.”
An Efrafan doe.
The head of the Efrafan Owsla.
A member of the Efrafan Owsla. After the struggle between Efrafa and Watership down has ended, Groundsel becomes the Chief Rabbit of a new warren at the halfway point between the two burrows.
An Efrafan doe who becomes Fiver’s mate.
A young girl who rescues Hazel from her family’s cat towards the end of the novel.
Doctor Adams
A country doctor who helps Lucy return Hazel to the countryside.
Lord Frith
The sun, and the rabbits’ god. He figures prominently in a great deal of rabbit mythology.
Prince Rainbow
Lord Frith’s helper and an antagonist of El-ahrairah.
King Darzin
The ruler of a large city of animals and a frequent antagonist of El-ahrairah.
One of Prince Rainbow’s spies.
The captain of El-ahrairah’s Owsla and his constant companion.
Black Rabbit of Inlé
A legendary rabbit and death personified.
Rowsby Woof
A legendary dog and an antagonist of El-ahrairah.
A hedgehog who appears in some of the stories told by the rabbits.