When I Was Puerto Rican


Esmeralda Santiago

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Mami is one of the first women in Macún to get a job outside the home. She begins as a thread cutter in a bra factory and moves up quickly to sewing the bras. Sewing bras gives Mami pride and purpose, and most importantly, it allows her to be self-sufficient. In Brooklyn, Mami continues to sew bras in order to remain independent and care for her family. When Negi gets her first bra after starting her period, it represents the same thing that sewing bras does for Mami. It represents Negi's passage into adulthood, her growing independence, and the possibility for self-sufficiency in the future.

Bras Quotes in When I Was Puerto Rican

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Da Capo Press edition of When I Was Puerto Rican published in 2006.
6. Mami Gets a Job Quotes

"I can't count on anyone from outside the family. Besides, you're old enough to be more responsible."
And with those words Mami sealed a pact she had designed, written, and signed for me.

Related Characters: Negi (speaker), Mami (speaker)
Related Symbols: Bras
Page Number: 123
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Bras Symbol Timeline in When I Was Puerto Rican

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11. Angels on the Ceiling
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Women, Sex, and Power Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon
One day, Negi asks Mami for a bra. Mami laughs and says she can have one when she's señorita. A few weeks later,... (full context)
12. You Don't Want to Know
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Coming of Age Theme Icon
Family Theme Icon
Mami leaves the house every morning to work in bra factories in Manhattan. She works her way up quickly from being a thread cutter to... (full context)