White Fang

White Fang


Jack London

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Laughter Symbol Icon
As a pup, the Indians laugh at White Fang for showing signs of weakness, or stupidity, like yelping, or burning his nose on the fire. Beauty Smith also laughs at White Fang maniacally to incite his anger. Thus laughter represents shame, humiliation, even evil. But under Scott's care, White Fang learns to accept and embrace human laughter, even to laugh at himself.
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Laughter Symbol Timeline in White Fang

The timeline below shows where the symbol Laughter appears in White Fang. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 3, Chapter 1
The Struggle for Survival Theme Icon
Mastery Theme Icon
...White Fang approaches it, but burns his nose and tongue on the flames. The Indians' laughter at his yelps of pain humiliates him. Yet he still regards their mastery over life... (full context)
Part 4, Chapter 3
Nature v. Nurture Theme Icon
Mastery Theme Icon
Beauty Smith chains White Fang in a pen and torments him with his maniacal laughter, inciting the dog's anger and hatred. (full context)
Part 5, Chapter 4
Mastery Theme Icon
Domestication Theme Icon
White Fang learns to laugh by romping and roughhousing with his master. After each tussle, Scott embraces White Fang and... (full context)