Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf


Edward Albee

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Characters


Martha is the daughter of the president of the college where George and Nick are professors. She is middle-aged, large and boisterous, and is married to George in an intense and acrimonious relationship. She admits… read analysis of Martha


George is an associate professor in the History Department at the college. He is forty-six years old. Martha describes George’s career as a failure, and purports to have married him because her father had once… read analysis of George


Nick is a new professor at the college, in the biology department. Only twenty-eight years old, he is already highly accomplished—he earned his Master’s degree at the age of nineteen, and was a boxing champion… read analysis of Nick


Honey is Nick’s wife, a couple of years his junior, and is described as petite and plain. She is clearly not very intelligent, and becomes drunk very quickly, retiring to lie on the bathroom… read analysis of Honey