Why We Can’t Wait


Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A. D. King Character Analysis

A. D. King was one of Dr. King’s brothers. A fellow Christian minister, he was involved in the 1963 campaign for racial equality. When the movement achieved success by convincing Birmingham’s white leaders to negotiate, white supremacists bombed A. D. King’s home. Thankfully, he survived the bombing, though he died only six years later of a suspected heart attack.
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A. D. King Character Timeline in Why We Can’t Wait

The timeline below shows where the character A. D. King appears in Why We Can’t Wait. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6: Black and White Together
History, Progress, and Change Theme Icon
Unity, Community Organizing, and Leadership Theme Icon
Religion, Morality, and Hope Theme Icon
Complacency, Ignorance, and the Status Quo Theme Icon
...pact was announced, white supremacists lashed out by bombing the home of Dr. King’s brother, A. D. King . They also bombed the Gaston Motel, not knowing that Dr. King was in Atlanta... (full context)