Wide Sargasso Sea


Jean Rhys

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The Natural Landscape: Gardens, Jungle, Trees

Throughout the novel, the natural world reflects Antoinette’s and the husband’s respective feelings of comfort and/or alienation. When Antoinette is rejected by her mother and ridiculed by her peers, she hides in the gardens at… read analysis of The Natural Landscape: Gardens, Jungle, Trees

Clothing and Hair

The state of women’s dresses and hair represent their desirability as well as their agency in the novel. When Tia and Antoinette fall out early on in the novel, Tia humiliates Antoinette by stealing her… read analysis of Clothing and Hair


Fire is the ultimate destructive and redemptive force in the novel. The fire at Coulibri is an act of retribution and defiance on the part of the nearby black community, but it destroys the life… read analysis of Fire