Winter’s Bone


Daniel Woodrell

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Ree’s Clothes

Ree Dolly tromps through the desolate landscape of the Ozark mountains in a pair of black combat boots. She dresses in delicate, weather-inappropriate dresses and skirts, threadbare hand-me-downs from her many relatives. She wears a…

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Ree’s Tapes

As she chops wood for her family’s hearth and takes long walks through the Ozark mountains, Ree Dolly listens to white noise tapes with titles like Alpine Dusk and The Sounds of Tropical Dawn. The…

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Crystal Meth / Crank

Just as the Dolly clan’s ancestors worked as moonshine makers and runners, its current members are cooks and dealers of crystal meth, or crank, as it’s referred to throughout the novel. The street name, crank…

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Jessup’s Hands

In the emotional climax of the novel, Ree Dolly, with the help of Merab and two other Thump women, finally finds her father Jessup’s body. Ree’s search for Jessup has formed the entirety…

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