World War Z

World War Z


Max Brooks

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Hyungchol Choi Character Analysis

Deputy director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. He discusses the mystery of what have happened in North Korea during the zombie crisis. The entire population of the country seems to have disappeared, and Choi guesses that they either survived the crisis in underground bunkers or that the entire population became infected when they were hiding underground.
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Hyungchol Choi Character Timeline in World War Z

The timeline below shows where the character Hyungchol Choi appears in World War Z. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6: Around the World, and Above
Fear Theme Icon
The Demilitarized Zone: South Korea. Hyungchol Choi , deputy director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, speaks to the narrator about North... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Hyungchol Choi says that even before the first outbreaks in South Korea, “the North suddenly, and inexplicably,... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
...suddenly launching an attack complicated the situation. Now that the zombies are taken care of, Hyungchol Choi wants to go investigate how the entire population of the North just quietly disappeared, but... (full context)