Your Inner Fish


Neil Shubin

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The sensory organ in fish that allows fish to be aware of the movement, speed, and direction of the water currents around the fish’s body. Neuromasts are similar to the mammalian inner ear that gives land animals a sense of balance.
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Neuromast Term Timeline in Your Inner Fish

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Chapter 10: Ears
Similarities Between All Animals Theme Icon
History of Life  Theme Icon
...sensory lines run under the trout’s skin and send hair-like projections into jelly-filled sacs called neuromasts. When water flows around the fish, the neuromasts change shape and the hairs send an... (full context)
History of Life  Theme Icon
Understanding Complex Concepts Through Simple Analogies Theme Icon
It’s hard to tell whether neuromasts or inner ears developed first, as the inner ear is almost never preserved with fossils.... (full context)
Similarities Between All Animals Theme Icon
...creates an animal with a faulty inner ear. Pax 2 is also active in the neuromasts of fish. (full context)