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Coriolanus Translation Act 5, Scene 5

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Enter two Senators with VOLUMNIA, VIRGILIA, VALERIA, & c. passing over the stage, followed by Patricians and others


Behold our patroness, the life of Rome! Call all your tribes together, praise the gods, And make triumphant fires; strew flowers before them: Unshout the noise that banish'd Marcius, Repeal him with the welcome of his mother; Cry 'Welcome, ladies, welcome!'


Behold our savior, the lifeblood of Rome! Call all the people together, praise the gods, and light all the city's ceremonial flames. Throw flowers in the streets, choke down the words that banished Marcius and replace them with the welcome of his mother. Cry, "Welcome, ladies, welcome!"


Welcome, ladies, Welcome!


Welcome, ladies, welcome!

A flourish with drums and trumpets. Exeunt

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