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Troilus and Cressida

Troilus and Cressida Translation Act 4, Scene 3

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It is great morning, and the hour prefix'd Of her delivery to this valiant Greek Comes fast upon. Good my brother Troilus, Tell you the lady what she is to do, And haste her to the purpose.


It is late in the morning, and nearly time we give her to this brave Greek. Good brother Troilus, go tell the lady what she has to do, and tell her to be swift.


Walk into her house; I'll bring her to the Grecian presently: And to his hand when I deliver her, Think it an altar, and thy brother Troilus A priest there offering to it his own heart.


Go into her house, I'll bring her to the Greek immediately, and when I hand her over to him, I will think of it as a marriage ceremony. Like a priest, except I will give away my own heart.



I know what 'tis to love;And would, as I shall pity, I could help!Please you walk in, my lords.


I know what it is to love, and wish I could help him. Please go in, my lords.


Troilus and cressida
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Tom Hill lives in his native London where he has just finished studying for an MA in Shakespeare Studies at King's College London and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. He has worked in education both in the UK and in Asia. His favorite Shakespeare play is The Merchant of Venice.