As You Like It

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Orlando’s Poems Symbol Analysis

Orlando’s Poems Symbol Icon
Orlando expresses his love for Rosalind in the form of poems placed all about the forest. They allow him to speak his emotions without addressing Rosalind in person. The ubiquity of their placement around the forest and the sentimentality of their language attest to how great Orlando’s feelings are; their poor quality indicates how much he needs the romantic education he ultimately receives from Rosalind in the guise of Ganymede.
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Orlando’s Poems Symbol Timeline in As You Like It

The timeline below shows where the symbol Orlando’s Poems appears in As You Like It. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Act 3, Scene 2
Romantic Love Theme Icon
Fools and Foolishness Theme Icon
...the moon as a pale sphere in the sky, and includes a resolve to post poems about Rosalind on every tree in the forest. Having finished reading the poem in his... (full context)
Romantic Love Theme Icon
Rosalind, dressed as Ganymede, enters, reading one of Orlando’s poems that she has pulled from a tree and is holding in her hands. Touchstone, hearing... (full context)
Romantic Love Theme Icon
Celia enters, reading another of Orlando’s tree poems, which describes Rosalind as the synthesis of all the best features of Helen, Cleopatra, Atalanta,... (full context)
Deception, Disguise, and Gender Theme Icon
Romantic Love Theme Icon
Rosalind mentions the poems on the trees and expresses her desire to meet and advise the love-swept poet who’s... (full context)