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Erictho Character Analysis

A witch from Thessaly. She surveys the field where Julius Caesar defeated Pompey in the Great Roman Civil War, and reflects on how human beings arrogantly assert their power over one another even though they are not even capable of governing their own appetites. Erictho concludes that this leads to bloodshed and suffering.
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Erictho Character Timeline in Faust

The timeline below shows where the character Erictho appears in Faust. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: Act 2: Classical Walpurgis Night: The Pharsalian Fields
The Human Desire for Meaning and Transcendence Theme Icon
Parts, Wholes, and Limits Theme Icon
Politics Theme Icon
...decisive victory over Pompey the Great during the Great Roman Civil War. The Thessalian witch Erichtho presides, anticipating the night’s celebration. She says that human beings, who are incompetent to rule... (full context)