Gathering Blue

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As Kira becomes more familiar with the art of weaving, she comes to understand that different colors correspond to different emotions, and, conversely, that some feelings have a particular “color.” (This way of looking at… (read full symbol analysis)
The artists in Gathering Blue have special objects—a cloth, a carving—that seem to communicate with their owners and let them see, or at least sense, the future. For Kira, and especially for Thomas(read full symbol analysis)
The Singer’s robe, staff, and Ruin Song are three different versions of the same thing: a story of the endless, inevitable rise and fall of history. Civilizations begin, grow, decay, and eventually die out… (read full symbol analysis)
Kira notices that the Singer of the Ruin Song wears a heavy chain that restricts his movements and causes him to leave a trail of blood wherever he walks. When Kira sees this, she realizes… (read full symbol analysis)