In the Lake of the Woods

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Sunlight Symbol Icon
At several points in In the Lake of the Woods, soldiers—Richard Thinbill and the narrator himself—suggest that it was the sunlight in Vietnam that made American soldiers commit murder and other atrocities. It’s difficult to understand what they mean by this. On one hand, to say that anything “made” soldiers kill is to absolve the soldiers of some of their guilt. On the other hand, to blame murder on something as ubiquitous as sunlight amounts to saying that everyone is capable of murder. In this sense, sunlight symbolizes nature—both the nature of the world and human nature. It may be the case that it’s human nature to kill and hurt people. In this interpretation, the soldiers in Vietnam are no more or less virtuous than the Americans who stay home. The very ambiguity of sunlight as O’Brien describes it corresponds to the ambiguity in the way we’re meant to view John Wade and his actions as a soldier in Vietnam.
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Sunlight Symbol Timeline in In the Lake of the Woods

The timeline below shows where the symbol Sunlight appears in In the Lake of the Woods. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 20: Evidence
Vietnam, Authorship, Interpretation Theme Icon
Evil, Human Nature, and Freedom Theme Icon
...there. When he saw My Lai, he understood why the massacre occurred: “it was the sunlight.” There was a feeling of unknowable wickedness, he continues, in the environment. Other factors that... (full context)
Chapter 21: The Nature of the Spirit
Evil, Human Nature, and Freedom Theme Icon
...Massacre. The killing takes four hours, and it is both systematic and thorough. In the sunlight, soldiers shoot, rape, sodomize, and stab Vietnamese villagers. PFC Richard Thinbill, a young, good-looking man,... (full context)
Chapter 22: Hypothesis
Love and Relationships Theme Icon
...navigate her way back to the cottage. She looks at the map and at the sun, and tries to determine which direction is which. The exercise calms her. As she plans... (full context)