Into the Wild

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Chris’s Books Symbol Icon
Throughout his journey, McCandless carries many books with him and reads avidly, highlighting passages from Doctor Zhivago and Henry David Thoreau’s Walden as well as encouraging the people he meets to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. McCandless takes the views espoused by these authors to heart and seeks to live them out through his itinerant lifestyle off the grid. These books embody Chris’s idealism and quest for wisdom.
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Chris’s Books Symbol Timeline in Into the Wild

The timeline below shows where the symbol Chris’s Books appears in Into the Wild. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3 – Carthage
Materialism and Idealism Theme Icon
Isolation v. Intimacy Theme Icon
...of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, inscribed with a directive to “Listen to Pierre,” the novel’s “questing, altruistic, and illegitimately born” protagonist. He continues to write to Wayne and identifies South... (full context)
Chapter 5 - Bullhead City
The American Wilderness Theme Icon
Arrogance, Innocence, and Ignorance Theme Icon
Materialism and Idealism Theme Icon
Chris helps Jan sell secondhand books at the Slab’s flea market by recommending books and stories by his favorite author and... (full context)
Chapter 16 - The Alaska Interior
...nothing else but his rifle, his backpack filled with rice, and a small collection of books. (full context)
Chapter 18 - The Stampede Trail
Risk and Self-Reinvention Theme Icon
Unable to walk, McCandless spends his last days reading books and pens a goodbye in his journal, thanking God for a happy life, before crawling... (full context)