Jasper Jones

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Rosie Jones Character Analysis

A beautiful Aborigine woman who marries David Jones and gives birth to Jasper Jones. Rosie later befriends David’s father, Jack Lionel, despite the fact that he’d originally refused to acknowledge her after her marriage to her son. Rosie dies in a car crash, and Jack, who was driving the car, blames himself for her death.

Rosie Jones Quotes in Jasper Jones

The Jasper Jones quotes below are all either spoken by Rosie Jones or refer to Rosie Jones. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
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). Note: all page and citation info for the quotes below refers to the Ember edition of Jasper Jones published in 2012.
Chapter 7 Quotes

We’d gone to confront Mad Jack Lionel about murdering Laura Wishart only to find that he was driving the car that killed Jasper’s mother. The world isn’t right. It’s small and it’s nasty and it’s lousy with sadness. Under every rock, hidden in every closet, shaken from every tree, it seems there’s something horrible I don’t want to see. I don’t know. Maybe that’s why this town is so content to face in on itself, to keep everything so settled and smooth and serene. And at the moment, I can’t say as I blame them.

Related Characters: Charlie Bucktin (speaker), Jasper Jones, Mad Jack Lionel, Laura Wishart, Rosie Jones
Page Number: 244
Explanation and Analysis:

Charlie and Jasper have just visited Jack, hoping to convince him to confess to Laura Wishart's murder. Instead, they wind up discovering that Jack is Jasper's own grandfather. Jack had always called out at Jasper whenever he saw him, because he feels responsible for the death of Jasper's mother (Jack was driving the car when Jasper's mother was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis).

Thinking back on everything he's just learned, Charlie reaches some bitter conclusions: life is a mess; the world is meaningless, etc. Charlie even comes to sympathize with his townspeople--the same people who beat up his best friend's father just a few days before. In the past, Charlie has resented his neighbors for ignoring injustice and pretending that everything is perfect. Now, Charlie can understand his peers' behavior--they're just trying to forget how horrible life can be.

And yet in spite of his understanding, Charlie himself doesn't try to forget about the horrors of life. Instead, he converts these horrors into literature. By writing about Jack, Laura, and Jasper, Charlie finds a more powerful and honest way of coping with tragedy: he deals with his problems head-on instead of repressing them.


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Rosie Jones Character Timeline in Jasper Jones

The timeline below shows where the character Rosie Jones appears in Jasper Jones. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 7
Fear Theme Icon
Racism and Scapegoating Theme Icon
Understanding, Innocence, and Sympathy Theme Icon
Appearances and Secrets Theme Icon
...showed Jasper David’s old room, which was full of football trophies. Years ago, David met Rosie, his future wife, at a dance outside of town. Rosie was from the neighboring shire... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Racism and Scapegoating Theme Icon
After Rosie’s child—Jasper—was born, Rosie tried to befriend Jack. After a year of attempts, Rosie finally succeeded.... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Racism and Scapegoating Theme Icon
One day in April, when Jack was visiting Rosie, Rosie clutched her side in pain and begged Jack to drive her to the hospital.... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Racism and Scapegoating Theme Icon
In the weeks after Rosie’s death, rumors spread throughout Corrigan. Some said that Jack had been in love with Rosie,... (full context)
Fear Theme Icon
Racism and Scapegoating Theme Icon
Understanding, Innocence, and Sympathy Theme Icon
...Jasper would have heard something from the other townspeople, who gossiped about how Jack killed Rosie. Perhaps, Charlie thinks, the town became afraid of Mad Jack, and the stories of his... (full context)