The Libation Bearers

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Clytemnestra’s Man-Axe Symbol Analysis

Clytemnestra’s Man-Axe Symbol Icon

Upon being informed that her palace is under attack and her lover Aegisthus has been killed, Clytemnestra immediately calls for her “man-axe” in order to defend herself. Within the patriarchal world of the Greek tragedy, Clytemnestra’s willingness to take up arms is evidence of her lack of femininity, and her overbearing dominance. It was this same “unfeminine” desire for power and willingness to commit violence that led Clytemnestra to conspire to kill Agamemnon. The man-axe thus represents Clytemnestra’s “man-killing” qualities: those which allow her to avenge her daughter and seize power over Argos, but which also condemn her in the eyes of the Greeks and lead to her ultimate downfall.

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Clytemnestra’s Man-Axe Symbol Timeline in The Libation Bearers

The timeline below shows where the symbol Clytemnestra’s Man-Axe appears in The Libation Bearers. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Lines 719-1065
Revenge Theme Icon
Gender Roles Theme Icon
Violence, Death, and the Dead  Theme Icon
...warns that Clytemnestra’s doom is next, the queen orders the servant to bring her a “man-axe” in order to defend herself. He dashes out. (full context)