The Republic

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The sun, which provides the light in the mouth of the cave in the allegory of the cave, is recognized by the escaped prisoner as the source of the light that allows him to see the objects around him. The sun is like the Form of the Good, which is the source of all other Forms. If you know and understand the Form of the Good, then you will understand all the other forms. The sun, which leads the prisoner out of darkness, is like education, which leads the individual out of ignorance to understanding.
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The Sun Symbol Timeline in The Republic

The timeline below shows where the symbol The Sun appears in The Republic. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 6
Education Theme Icon
Philosopher-King Theme Icon
Truth Theme Icon seen, so objects of knowledge must be true. Just as light comes from the sun, so Truth comes from Goodness. Goodness as the source of truth makes it possible for... (full context)
Book 7
Education Theme Icon
Truth Theme Icon
One day a prisoner escapes. He looks towards the cave's mouth. Initially dazzled by the sun's light, he realizes that the objects he sees in the light are the real versions... (full context)