Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Dr. Simmons Character Analysis

Dr. Simmons is the white doctor in the muck who tells Janie of Tea Cake's contraction of rabies after the dog bites him during the hurricane. After Tea Cake's death, Dr. Simmons gives a testimony in defense of Janie after she is called to court, telling the jury that Tea Cake was dangerous and Janie was right to kill him in self-defense.
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Dr. Simmons Character Timeline in Their Eyes Were Watching God

The timeline below shows where the character Dr. Simmons appears in Their Eyes Were Watching God. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 19
Power, Judgment, and Jealousy Theme Icon
...his thirst, nearly vomiting when bringing the cup to his lips. Worried, Janie calls for Dr. Simmons , the local white doctor who is well-respected in the muck. After Tea Cake explains... (full context)
Voice, Language and Storytelling Theme Icon
Power, Judgment, and Jealousy Theme Icon
Race and Racism Theme Icon watch have obviously turned against her, and are even willing to testify against her. Dr. Simmons delivers a testimony, telling the court that Tea Cake was genuinely dangerous and that he... (full context)