Titus Andronicus

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Titus Andronicus Act 2, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis

In a soliloquy, Aaron reveals that he and Tamora are lovers and says that Tamora will cause the downfall of Saturninus and Rome. Chiron and Demetrius enter, arguing over their desire for Lavinia, and prepare to draw their swords and fight. Aaron calms them and convinces them that instead of fighting over her they should both rape the chaste Lavinia. He tells them that there will be an opportunity for them to do so during the upcoming hunting trip. He suggests that they tell Tamora about their plans, so that she may advise them.
Demetrius and Chiron are seen here as extremely violent characters driven by lust. As Aaron encourages them both to rape Lavinia, he likewise emerges as someone who takes delight in violence.
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