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Zeitoun Part 4: Tuesday September 20 Summary & Analysis

In the morning Ahmad calls back and tells Kathy not to tell the other siblings that Zeitoun is in prison—it’ll only make them worry more. But he asks which prison he’s in, and Kathy explains what Raleigh had told her. Ahmad is fearful about what Abdulrahman’s Syrian nationality could mean for his chances. He includes Kathy on an email to the San Gabriel police department, asking if Zeitoun is all right. Kathy tries to prevent herself from imagining the consequences if Zeitoun is tied to terrorism, even without merit.
Ahmad knows that the rest of the family, being so far away, will only feel more helpless knowing that there’s nothing they can do about Zeitoun’s imprisonment. Ahmad himself, though, refuses to accept any lack of agency, and continues to make inquiries. Kathy’s worries about terrorism assumptions have by now been validated by Zeitoun’s own experience.
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