All For Love


John Dryden

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Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Bloomsbury edition of All For Love published in 2004.
Epistle Dedicatory Quotes

We have already all the liberty which freeborn subjects can enjoy, and all beyond it is but license.

Page Number: 29
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Preface Quotes

[T]he crimes of love which they both committed were not occasioned by any necessity or fatal ignorance, but were wholly voluntary, since our passions are, or ought to be, within our power.

Related Characters: Antony, Cleopatra
Page Number: 32
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Prologue Quotes

And brings a tale which often has been told,
As sad as Dido’s, and almost as old.

Page Number: 43
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Act 1 Quotes

Can any Roman see and know him now,

Thus altered from the lord of half mankind,
Unbent, unsinewed, made a woman’s toy,
Shrunk from the vast extent of all his honours,
And cramped within a corner of the world?

Related Characters: Ventidius (speaker), Antony, Cleopatra
Related Symbols: Cleopatra’s Ruby Bracelet
Page Number: 52
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But I have lost my reason, have disgraced
The name of soldier with inglorious ease[.]

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra, Ventidius, Octavius
Page Number: 58
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And I will leave her; though, Heaven knows, I love
Beyond life, conquest, empire, all but honour;

But I will leave her.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra, Ventidius
Page Number: 58
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Act 2 Quotes

Moderate sorrow
Fits vulgar love, and for a vulgar man;
But I have loved with such transcendent passion,
I soared at first quite out of reason’s view.

Related Characters: Cleopatra (speaker), Antony
Page Number: 64
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[W]e have loved each other
Into our mutual ruin.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra, Octavius
Page Number: 73
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Act 3 Quotes

But yet the loss was private that I made;
’Twas but myself I lost: I lost no legions;
I had no world to lose, no people’s love.

Related Characters: Dollabella (speaker), Antony, Cleopatra
Page Number: 89
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For I can ne’er be conquered but by love,
And you do all for duty.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra, Octavia
Page Number: 93
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Act 4 Quotes

Nature meant me
A wife, a silly, harmless, household dove,
Fond without art, and kind without deceit;
But Fortune, that has made a mistress of me,
Has thrust me out to the wide world.

Related Characters: Cleopatra (speaker), Antony, Octavia
Page Number: 102-103
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Act 5 Quotes

My Queen is dead.
I was but great for her; my power, my empire
Were but my merchandise to buy her love,
And conquered kings, my factors.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra, Ventidius
Page Number: 131
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’Tis time the world
Should have a lord, and know whom to obey.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Octavius
Page Number: 131
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Ten years’ love,
And not a moment lost, but all improved
To th’utmost joys: what ages have we lived!
And now to die each other’s; and so dying,
While hand in hand we walk in groves below,
Whole troops of lovers’ ghosts shall flock about us,
And all the train be ours.

Related Characters: Antony (speaker), Cleopatra
Page Number: 135
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Let dull Octavia
Survive to mourn him dead; my nobler fate
Shall knit our spousals with a tie too strong

For Roman laws to break.

Related Characters: Cleopatra (speaker), Antony, Octavia
Page Number: 136
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