Désirée’s Baby

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L’Abri Symbol Icon
The plantation house that belongs to the Aubigny family exhibits physical characteristics that symbolize the unhappiness that has occurred and will occur in the home. Madame Valmondé notices the house’s somber appearance when she goes to visit Désirée. The house has a Gothic feel, with shadows cast by trees and a low roof. These physical indications of darkness and concealment symbolize the acts of darkness and concealment that have taken place in the home: Madame Aubigny has concealed the truth of her identity from her son and the world, and the wealth of the family has been built on the labor and enslavement of others. Armand’s cruel treatment of his slaves has occurred on this estate, and he will turn this cruelty on Désirée during the story, leading to her despair and death. The house’s appearance echoes the acts of physical and emotional cruelty that it conceals.
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L’Abri Symbol Timeline in Désirée’s Baby

The timeline below shows where the symbol L’Abri appears in Désirée’s Baby. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Désirée’s Baby
Slavery and Racism Theme Icon
...Valmondé has not seen her daughter or her baby in a month. She arrives at L’Abri and shivers, as she always does, at the shadowed appearance of the house. The house... (full context)
Slavery and Racism Theme Icon
Intersection of Classism, Sexism, and Racism  Theme Icon
Irony, Misjudgments, and Fate Theme Icon
A few weeks later, a large bonfire is built in the backyard of L’Abri. Armand sits in the back hallway and gives instructions to a dozen slaves who tend... (full context)