The Narrative of Frederick Douglass

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Demby is a slave who is killed by Mr. Gore, one of Colonel Lloyd’s overseers. Demby runs away from the brutal whipping he is receiving from Gore and takes refuge in a stream. Gore threatens to shoot Demby if the slave does not leave the stream by the count of three, and when Demby remains in the stream, Gore kills him. Gore is not punished for his actions. This story illustrates that the murder of a slave is not treated as a punishable offense in the slaveholding south.
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Demby Symbol Timeline in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass

The timeline below shows where the symbol Demby appears in The Narrative of Frederick Douglass. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
The Self-Destructive Hypocrisy of Christian Slaveholders Theme Icon
Truth and Justice Theme Icon
Gore once began to whip one of Colonel Lloyd’s slaves named Demby. Demby runs into a creek to ease the burns of the lash and refuses to... (full context)