John Updike

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Sammy, the narrator of the story, sarcastically observes the customers of A&P from his standpoint behind the cash registers. He's technically an adult at 19 years of age, but he still relates to the teenage… read analysis of Sammy


Queenie is the leader of the group of three girls who walk into the store in their bathing suits. Unlike the others, Queenie is unabashed and self-assured, walking deliberately through the store in a… read analysis of Queenie


Lengel is the A&P's manager. Also a Sunday school teacher, he runs the A&P with a watchful eye, and Sammy describes him as "dreary." Lengel acts as a kind of force for conformity, and reprimands… read analysis of Lengel
Minor Characters
Stokesie is another checkout clerk at A&P. Although he's only a few years older than Sammy and jokes around with him at the store, Stokesie already has a wife and two kids to support. He hopes one day to manage the A&P.