A Jury of Her Peers


Susan Glaspell

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A Jury of Her Peers Symbols


Mr. Hale says that women are “used to worrying over trifles.” This significant quote identifies the way the men in this short story perceive the interests and concerns of the women. The men see women… read analysis of Trifles

Canning Jars of Fruit

Minnie Wright’s concern over the canning jars of fruit symbolizes her parallel concerns about her gender role in society as a wife and housekeeper. Minnie is concerned about correctly fulfilling her role as a…

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The Quilt

The quilt that the women wish to bring to Minnie Wright in jail takes on symbolic meaning through repeated discussion of two types of quilting styles: regular quilting and knotting. At first, Mrs. Peters and…

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The Dead Bird

This crucial piece of evidence uncovered by Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters reveals Minnie Wright’s guilt, but also shows the cruelty of which John Wright was capable. Although John Wright’s act of strangling the…

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