A Scandal in Bohemia


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Godfrey Norton Character Analysis

A lawyer who is Irene Adler’s new husband. Not much is known about Norton, except that he is a lawyer and has been seeing Irene for some time. When Sherlock Holmes dresses as a groom and goes to Irene’s neighborhood to gather information about her, he is somehow brought in to act as a witness to the marriage of Irene and Godfrey. In comparison with the King of Bohemia’s wedding, which will presumably be a lavish royal affair, this ceremony is quick and austere, with the newlyweds driving off in different directions. This quiet ceremony, coupled with the fact that Irene describes Norton as a better man than the King, present a strong contrast to the public but likely loveless royal marriage.
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Godfrey Norton Character Timeline in A Scandal in Bohemia

The timeline below shows where the character Godfrey Norton appears in A Scandal in Bohemia. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2
Disguise and Deception Theme Icon
Justice Theme Icon
...her. He heard from the men that Irene has a suitor, a lawyer named Godfrey Norton, who calls on her regularly. (full context)
Disguise and Deception Theme Icon
Love, Friendship, and. Admiration Theme Icon
While Holmes was still observing Irene’s house, Godfrey Norton arrived, spent about half an hour in the house, and then hopped in to a... (full context)
Logic vs. Emotion Theme Icon
As they wait for Irene, Holmes and Watson discuss her marriage to Godfrey Norton, guessing that she will not want her new husband to see the photo and will... (full context)
Part 3
Logic vs. Emotion Theme Icon
Disguise and Deception Theme Icon
Love, Friendship, and. Admiration Theme Icon
...tables on him by disguising herself and eavesdropping on his conversation with Watson. She and Norton decided they must leave England immediately, and have taken the photo with them only as... (full context)