A Sound of Thunder


Ray Bradbury

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A Sound of Thunder Characters

Mr. Eckels

The protagonist of “A Sound of Thunder,” Eckels is a hunter who enjoys exotic safaris and decides that traveling back in time to shoot a dinosaur is the logical next adventure for him. At the… read analysis of Mr. Eckels

Mr. Travis

A safari guide employed by Time Safari, Inc., Mr. Travis leads the expedition on which Mr. Eckels sets out. Travis has a keen sense of the danger of their trip, but he is primarily concerned… read analysis of Mr. Travis


Lesperance is another guide employed by Time Safari, Inc. His duty is to travel back in time ahead of a scheduled safari and find a dinosaur that is going to die anyway, then loop back… read analysis of Lesperance

Company agent

An unnamed official who greets Mr. Eckels when he first arrives at Time Safari, Inc., as well as when he returns from the safari. He emphasizes the danger of the trip and the company’s lack… read analysis of Company agent
Minor Characters
The presidential candidate who has just been elected when Mr. Eckels departs on his time safari. Keith represents democracy and American values, as opposed to the dictatorial tendencies of Deutscher.
The presidential candidate who has just lost to Keith when Mr. Eckels departs on his time safari. Deutscher represents foreign and authoritarian values and is described as an “anti-everything man.” Upon returning from the safari, Eckels learns that in this new timeline Deutscher has won.