James Joyce

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The narrator’s aunt Character Analysis

The aunt is the narrator’s mother figure. She seems to be a very religious Catholic, worrying that the Araby bazaar is a Freemason event. She speaks using religious terms, warning the narrator that he may not be able to make it to the market on “this night of our Lord.” Ultimately the narrator’s aunt convinces his uncle to let him go to the bazaar, suggesting that she is perhaps more sympathetic to the narrator.
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The narrator’s aunt Character Timeline in Araby

The timeline below shows where the character The narrator’s aunt appears in Araby. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Religion and Catholicism Theme Icon
Escapism and the Exotic Theme Icon
Love and Sexuality Theme Icon
...about Mangan’s sister constantly—even as he walks through the noisy, dirty Dublin market with his aunt, passing street-singers singing about Donovan O’Rossa, a Fenian revolutionary. He imagines carrying the thought of... (full context)
Coming of Age Theme Icon
Escapism and the Exotic Theme Icon, and even the word, Araby, seems foreign and exciting to him. He asks his aunt if he can attend the market and she is skeptical at first, asking if it... (full context)
Coming of Age Theme Icon
...over an hour and Mrs. Mercer leaves, saying she cannot wait any longer. The narrator’s aunt suggests that he may not be able to attend the bazaar. At 9 pm, the... (full context)