Barn Burning


William Faulkner

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Lennie’s sister, Sarty’s aunt, lives with the family, but is mostly portrayed as simply another woman in the household who, ultimately, will give in to Abner’s desires. Only at the end does she begin to assert her own opinions, when she claims that she’ll tell Major de Spain that Abner is planning to burn the barn down if Lennie doesn’t release Sarty.
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The aunt Character Timeline in Barn Burning

The timeline below shows where the character The aunt appears in Barn Burning. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Barn Burning
Resentment, Race, and Prejudice Theme Icon
Aspiration, Desperation, and Defiance Theme Icon
Sarty’s two “hulking” sisters, his mother, and his aunt are waiting for them with their old, run-down pieces of furniture loaded into their wagon,... (full context)
Aspiration, Desperation, and Defiance Theme Icon
...dozen others they’ve lived in since Sarty was born, ten years ago. The mother and aunt begin to unload the wagon, while one sister says the house probably isn’t fit for... (full context)
Aspiration, Desperation, and Defiance Theme Icon
Independence and Justice Theme Icon
Loyalty, Family, Blood Theme Icon
...both arms. Sarty cries that he doesn’t want to have to hit her, and the aunt cries to let him go, or else she’ll go up to the house himself. His... (full context)