Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Tennessee Williams

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Characters


Maggie is the self-proclaimed cat on a hot tin roof of the play’s title. She’s attractive, ambitious, and desperate to regain her husband Brick’s attention, which she lost after interfering in his friendship with Skipper… read analysis of Margaret


Brick is Margaret’s husband. Attractive, charming, and once a professional athlete, Brick is now an alcoholic who drinks out of disgust for all the lies people tell to preserve societal harmony. He struggles with his… read analysis of Brick

Big Daddy

Big Daddy is Brick’s father. He’s aggressive, rich, and can be brutally mean, admitting that he’s never cared for anyone in his life except for Brick. He never much cared for Big Mama, and would… read analysis of Big Daddy


Mae is Gooper’s wife. She runs in respected social circles, but her family lost all their money at some point, so she’s just as eager as Margaret to inherit the Pollitt family fortune. Big Daddyread analysis of Mae
Minor Characters
Big Mama
Big Mama is Brick’s mother. She’s loud, fat, and devoted to Big Daddy, though Big Daddy believes otherwise. She’s ecstatic that his health report turns out well, but breaks down when she learns it’s all a lie, attempting to find solace in her favorite son, Brick.
Gooper is Brick’s brother. A successful lawyer with five kids (and another on the way!), Gooper nevertheless remains bitter towards Brick for being the parents’ favorite child. He brings the family together for Big Daddy’s birthday in an attempt to secure his own inheritance of the estate.
Doctor Baugh
Doctor Baugh is the doctor who confirms that Big Daddy’s test results reveal a malignant growth.
Reverend Tooker
Reverend Tooker also attends Big Daddy’s birthday party. From the way he talks about memorials, it seems like he’s hoping the Pollitt family will offer the church a gift after Big Daddy’s passing.