Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Tennessee Williams

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Symbols

Brick’s Crutch

Brick’s crutch can take on several symbolic meanings. One explanation is that the crutch represents Brick’s dependency on alcohol; he relies heavily on both items to “maneuver” through the play. He also uses the crutch… read analysis of Brick’s Crutch

The Bed

One of the main features of the set, the bed reminds the audience of all the sexual tension and marital strife that exists throughout the play. As Big Mama says, the rocks of Margaret and… read analysis of The Bed

The Console/Liquor Cabinet/Hi-Fi

In addition to the bed, Tennessee Williams specifically mentions a giant console in his set directions. The console contains a radio-phonograph, television, and liquor cabinet. As Williams notes, “this piece of furniture, this monument… read analysis of The Console/Liquor Cabinet/Hi-Fi