Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed


Ray Bradbury

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The unnamed captain and Lieutenant arrive at the end of the story, announcing that they have won the war and are there to rescue the settlers. Finding the settlement abandoned, however, they assume a plague wiped out the population and mistake the Earth people living in the villas for native Martians. In the story’s final moments, the captain eagerly discusses resettling the Martian colony again and lists potential place names like the “Lincoln Mountains” and “Washington Canal,” evidencing the American instinct towards colonialism.

The Captain Quotes in Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed

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Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed Quotes

“ Lots to be done, Lieutenant.” His voice droned on and quietly on as the sun sank behind the blue hills. “ New settlements. Mining sites, minerals to be looked for. Bacteriological specimens taken. The work, all the work. And the old records were lost. We’ll have a job of remapping to do, renaming the mountains and rivers and such. Calls for a little imagination.

“What do you think of naming those mountains the Lincoln Mountains, this canal the Washington Canal, those hills—we can name those hills for you, Lieutenant. Diplomacy. And you, for a favor, might name a town for me. Polishing the apple. And why not make this the Einstein Valley, and farther over . . . are you listening, Lieutenant?”

The lieutenant snapped his gaze from the blue color and the quiet mist of the hills far beyond the town.

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Five years later, a Captain and Lieutenant from Earth arrive, declaring that they won the war and are there to... (full context)