Dead Poets Society


N. H. Kleinbaum

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Dead Poets Society Characters

John Keating

John Keating is the charismatic, energetic English teacher who inspires the students of Welton Academy to rebel against their families and other teachers. His name echoes that of John Keats, the famous English Romantic poet… read analysis of John Keating

Todd Anderson

Todd is a new student at Welton, having transferred from another, less prestigious school. He doesn’t get along with his parents, who, he feels, favor his older, more academically successful brother, Jeffrey Anderson. At Welton… read analysis of Todd Anderson

Neil Perry

Neil Perry is a popular, idealistic student at Welton, and one of Keating’s most loyal disciples. As Todd Anderson’s roommate, Neil is instrumental in inspiring Todd to be bolder and more confident. For… read analysis of Neil Perry

Charlie Dalton

Charlie is a student at Welton, and comes from a rich, successful family. He’s more openly disobedient than his Welton peers, although for most of the book, he’s shown to be just as frightened of… read analysis of Charlie Dalton

Knox Overstreet

Knox is a thoughtful, romantic student at Welton. Over the course of the novel, he falls in love with Chris Noel, the girlfriend of a family friend’s son. Knox’s first attempts to woo Chris… read analysis of Knox Overstreet
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Richard Cameron

Richard Cameron (who just goes by “Cameron”) is a stiff, overly obedient student at Welton, and one of the novel’s most overtly villainous characters. Unlike his classmates, Cameron is skeptical of John Keating from the… read analysis of Richard Cameron

Headmaster Gale Nolan

The headmaster of the prestigious Welton Academy, Nolan is a severe, strict man, who governs Welton with an iron fist and has boundless respect for the school’s tradition. Nolan hires John Keating following the retirement… read analysis of Headmaster Gale Nolan

Mr. George McAllister

A Latin professor at Welton, and a colleague of John Keating, McAllister is shown to be highly skeptical of Keating’s unconventional teaching methods, despite finding them enjoyable and entertaining. While McAllister seems to be… read analysis of Mr. George McAllister

Mr. Perry

Neil Perry’s severe, demanding father, Mr. Perry, is an intensely practical man, whose highest priority is Neil’s success in school. Mr. Perry is skeptical of Neil’s extracurricular interests, since he thinks that Neil’s goal… read analysis of Mr. Perry
Minor Characters
Mr. Portius
The elderly English teacher who retires from Welton Academy, setting in motion the plot of the novel.
Alexander Carmichael
The oldest living alumnus of Welton Academy, who makes an unintelligible speech for the beginning of the school year.
Chet Danburry
The spoiled, arrogant son of the wealthy Danburry family, and, for most of the novel, Chris Noel’s boyfriend.
Virginia Danburry
Chet Danburry’s 15-year-old sister, who later takes a part opposite Neil Perry in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and begins to date Charlie Dalton.
Chris Noel
A beautiful young woman who is dating Chet Danburry at the beginning of the novel, but who eventually leaves Chet for Knox Overstreet.
Dr. Hager
Welton Academy’s strict, severe math teacher.
Steven Meeks
A friendly, intelligent Welton student who joins the Dead Poets Society after being inspired by John Keating’s lessons.
A Welton student who joins the Dead Poets Society after being inspired by John Keating’s lessons.
Mrs. Nolan
The wife and secretary of Headmaster Gale Nolan.
Jeffrey Anderson
The older brother of Todd Anderson.
Mr. Danburry
Chet Danburry’s father, and a friend of Knox Overstreet’s father.
Mrs. Danburry
Chet Danburry’s mother.
A Welton “townie” who accompanies Charlie Dalton to a meeting of the Dead Poets Society.
A Welton “townie” who attends meeting of the Dead Poets Society and later kisses Charlie Dalton.
Mr. Anderson
Todd Anderson’s father.
Mrs. Anderson
Todd Anderson’s mother.
Mrs. Perry
Neil Perry’s mother.
Walt Whitman
Great 19th century American poet whose radical works, including “Song of Myself” and “O Captain! My Captain!” were deeply inspirational to many of the 20th century’s most iconoclastic writers and thinkers, as well as John Keating.
William Wordsworth
English Romantic poet.
John Dryden
17th century English poet and humorist.
W. E. Henley
19th century English poet whose short inspirational poem, “Invictus” is quoted in the novel.
Vachel Lindsay
Early 20th century poet whose works are often celebrated for their chant-like quality.