Dry September


William Faulkner

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Henry Hawkshaw

Henry Hawkshaw, also known as Hawk, is one of the barbers of Jefferson, a mild-mannered white man. The barber shop is one of the central gathering places for men in the town, and “Dry September”… read analysis of Henry Hawkshaw

Will Mayes

Will Mayes is a black man who lives in Jefferson, works at the ice factory, and has been accused of sexually assaulting a white woman, Minnie Cooper. It is unclear whether the rumor is… read analysis of Will Mayes

Minnie Cooper

Minnie Cooper is an unmarried white woman in her late thirties who may or may not have been sexually assaulted by a black man, Will Mayes. There is no proof that anything happened between… read analysis of Minnie Cooper

John McLendon

John McLendon is described as having commanded troops in France and is considered a war hero and man of action around Jefferson. There is no mention of his current occupation, and it appears that it… read analysis of John McLendon
Minor Characters
McLendon’s Wife
McLendon’s wife appears only at the end of the story, having waited up for her husband as he returns from ostensibly murdering Will Mayes. Enraged that she has done so, McLendon verbally and physically abuses her.