Educating Rita

Educating Rita Characters


A twenty-six-year-old hairdresser who signs up for tutoring lessons with Frank, a professor at a nearby university. Rita is fiercely intelligent but has little in the way of a formal education. Although she often… (read full character analysis)


A professor in his mid-fifties who takes on Rita as a student. Frank used to be a little-known but well-respected poet, but he stopped writing when his wife left him. In the years since, he… (read full character analysis)


A cultured and educated young woman who becomes Rita’s roommate when Rita leaves Denny. Trish represents the kind of person Rita has always wanted to be, and the two new friends spend their… (read full character analysis)


Rita’s husband, who disapproves of her academic pursuits. Denny believes that Rita should focus on becoming a mother instead of seeking an education. As Rita explains to Frank, Denny dislikes anything he doesn’t… (read full character analysis)


Frank’s girlfriend, whom he lives with. Julia used to be Frank’s student, and she admires him greatly. She now teaches at the university, though she never meets Rita. Unfortunately, Julia’s relationship with Frank… (read full character analysis)
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Rita’s Mother

A woman who spends her time drinking in pubs with people like Denny. When Rita has second thoughts about her academic pursuits one night, she decides to go out to a pub with her… (read full character analysis)

Tiger (Tyson)

A young student Rita meets on the university lawn. Tiger takes a liking to Rita because of her interesting ideas about literature, and he even invites her to come with him and his friends to… (read full character analysis)