Go Tell It on the Mountain


James Baldwin

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Mother Washington’s granddaughter and a member of John’s Harlem church. Father James condemns Ella Mae publicly after church services for “walking disorderly” with Elisha. Ella Mae and Elisha’s relationship was entirely innocent, but after Father James’s denouncement, she no longer spends time with Elisha. Ella Mae is at the Fire of the Temple Baptized the night John is saved on the threshing-floor.
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Ella Mae Character Timeline in Go Tell It on the Mountain

The timeline below shows where the character Ella Mae appears in Go Tell It on the Mountain. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1: The Seventh Day
Faith and Religion Theme Icon
Sex and Morality Theme Icon
...after service, Father James had “uncovered sin in the congregation of the righteous.” Elisha and Ella Mae , a young church member, were seen “walking disorderly” and “were in danger of straying... (full context)
Part 2: The Prayers of the Saints: Florence’s Prayer
Faith and Religion Theme Icon
Race and Racism Theme Icon
...prayer, but John’s mind is full of “doubt and searching.” Mother Washington and her granddaughter, Ella Mae , have just arrived, and Mother Washington is behind Florence, “helping her to pray.” Florence... (full context)