Good Country People


Flannery O’Connor

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Good Country People Characters

Hulga Hopewell (Joy)

The daughter of Mrs. Hopewell, Hulga is intelligent, intellectual, and cynical. The shallowness of daily life and the pointless conversations between Mrs. Hopewell and Mrs. Freeman cause her constant annoyance. Limited by a weak… (read full character analysis)

Mrs. Hopewell

Hulga’s mother, Mrs. Hopewell’s name is a pun on the breezy outlook she has of the world. Her conventional worldview is based on a simplistic assessment of herself at the top and the… (read full character analysis)

Mrs. Freeman

Mrs. Freeman is Mrs. Hopewell’s tenant and employee, largely in charge of running the farm. She is described as efficient and like a machine, so focused on everything being just right that her previous… (read full character analysis)

The Bible Salesman

The Bible Salesman, who introduces himself as Manley Pointer, appears at first to be a devout and humble Christian selling bibles out of a large valise. He is extremely good at figuring out… (read full character analysis)

Carramae and Glynese Freeman –

Glycene and Carramae are Mrs. Freeman’s daughters. Carramae is fifteen and pregnant by her husband. Glynese is eighteen and unmarried. Mrs. Hopewell and Mrs. Freeman often gossip about the girls, discussing the pregnancy and a… (read full character analysis)
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