Harrison Bergeron


Kurt Vonnegut

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Harrison Bergeron Characters

Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron is the 14-year-old son of George and Hazel Bergeron who, at the beginning of the story, has been taken away by agents of the U.S. Handicapper General. Harrison is an extraordinarily smart, athletic… read analysis of Harrison Bergeron

George Bergeron

George Bergeron is the father of Harrison Bergeron and the husband of Hazel Bergeron. Although George is characterized by his strength and “way above normal” intelligence, his state-issued mental and physical handicaps limit his… read analysis of George Bergeron

Hazel Bergeron

Hazel Bergeron is the mother of Harrison Bergeron and the wife of George Bergeron. Unlike her husband and son, Hazel is described as having “perfectly average” strength and intelligence (she is unable to “think… read analysis of Hazel Bergeron


The Ballerina is one of the dancers in the televised dance performance that George and Hazel Bergeron watch throughout the story. Initially, she is subject to extreme mental and physical handicaps, as well as… read analysis of Ballerina/Empress

Diana Moon Glampers (Handicapper General)

Diana Moon Glampers is the Handicapper General of the United States. She is responsible for regulating the minds and bodies of all American citizens in order to ensure that all people are absolutely equal. In… read analysis of Diana Moon Glampers (Handicapper General)
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