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During his stint in the Garden City county jail, Perry Smith notices two gray cats prowling around the town square. The cats come out every night and pick dead birds from the grilles of automobiles. Perry realizes that his life is a lot like theirs, given that he lives on the outskirts of society and picks at whatever scraps he can find. The two cats could be seen as being analogous to Dick Hickok and Perry.

Two Gray Cats Quotes in In Cold Blood

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). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Vintage edition of In Cold Blood published in 1994.
Part 4 Quotes

The cats, for example: the two thin gray toms who appeared with every twilight and prowled the Square, stopping to examine the cars parked around its periphery – behavior puzzling to [Perry] until Mrs. Meier explained that the cats were hunting for dead birds caught in the vehicles’ engine grilles. Thereafter it pained him to watch their maneuvers: “Because most of my life I’ve done what they’re doing. The equivalent.”

Related Characters: Perry Edward Smith, Josephine Meier
Related Symbols: Two Gray Cats
Page Number: 264
Explanation and Analysis:
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Part 3: Answer
Dreams Failed, Dreams Achieved Theme Icon
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Two gray tomcats wander the streets of Garden City, picking dead birds from the grilles of automobiles. Nearby,... (full context)
Part 4: The Corner
Dreams Failed, Dreams Achieved Theme Icon
Christianity Theme Icon
Normal vs. Abnormal Theme Icon
Perry watches the two gray cats from his window and realizes that his life has been a lot like theirs. He... (full context)