My Family and Other Animals


Gerald Durrell

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The Turk is a young Turkish man that Margo begins a romantic relationship with at the strawberry-pink villa. Margo initially tries to keep their relationship secret, but Spiro informs Mother of the Turk's presence, telling her that Turks as a rule are violent, dangerous, and not to be trusted. Though the Turk never seems violent, he is condescending and self-important. His relationship with Margo ends after a disastrous night out at the cinema.
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The Turk Character Timeline in My Family and Other Animals

The timeline below shows where the character The Turk appears in My Family and Other Animals. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 1, Chapter 6: The Sweet Spring
The Natural World Theme Icon
...and Larry's weight gain. Margo begins spending time at the sea, swimming with a young Turk. She neglects to tell anyone about her rendezvous with the Turk, but Spiro eventually shares... (full context)
The Natural World Theme Icon
Childhood, Adulthood, and Education Theme Icon
When Mother approaches Margo about the Turk and suggests he come for tea, Margo is delighted. Mother bakes a cake and warns... (full context)
Absurdity and Storytelling Theme Icon
...return. They finally return at 1:30am and explain that they had an awful evening: the Turk wore horrendous perfume, Mother got a flea in her corset, and among other mishaps, the... (full context)