My Kinsman, Major Molineux


Nathaniel Hawthorne

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My Kinsman, Major Molineux Characters


The 18-year-old protagonist. Robin is the son of a clergyman, and is determined to find his place in the world. Raised in the country, he has come to Massachusetts Bay to find his cousin Majorread analysis of Robin

Major Molineux

The object ofRobin’s search, Major Molineux is his wealthy and distinguished cousin who, during a visit a year or two years ago, showed great interest in Robin. Being himself childless, he offered to… read analysis of Major Molineux

The Horned Man

The horned man is a mysterious figure with horn-like protrusions on his forehead, shaggy eyebrows, a hooked nose, and fiery eyes—all characteristics reminiscent of classical depictions of the devil. Robinmeets the horned man three… read analysis of The Horned Man

The Kind Gentleman

The only outwardly kind person Robinmeets is a gentleman who emerges from the shadow of a church steeple and keeps him company as he waits for Molineux. A seeming paragon of Christian charity… read analysis of The Kind Gentleman

The Old Man

The first person with whom Robin speaks when he arrives in Massachusetts Bay. He is a brusque old man “with a full periwig of gray hair, a wide-skirted coat of dark cloth, and silk stockings.”… read analysis of The Old Man
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The Innkeeper

Robinmeets the innkeeper in the public house of a tavern soon after arriving in town. Initially courteous, the innkeeper receives Robin with the warmness of a “second-generation […] French Protestant.” Robin thinks the he… read analysis of The Innkeeper

The “Housekeeper”

In a rundown district near the harbor, Robin chances upon an open doorway where stands a pretty, seductive, and “saucy” woman dressed in a scarlet petticoat who greets Robin with flattery and claims that the… read analysis of The “Housekeeper”
Minor Characters
The Night Watchman
Robin is startled by an ornery night watchman bearing a lantern. He mistakes Robin for a “vagrant,” and threatens to put him in the stocks. He reappears at the story’s climax, visibly enjoying Robin’s distress.