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Mrs. Gilmore Character Analysis

Mrs. Gilmore is Wade’s neighbor; she lives in a mobile home in the same stack as him, below Aunt Alice’s trailer. She is very religious and spends most of her time inside OASIS megachurches. She is kind and generous to Wade, and he is devastated when she is killed in the explosion.

Mrs. Gilmore Quotes in Ready Player One

The Ready Player One quotes below are all either spoken by Mrs. Gilmore or refer to Mrs. Gilmore. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Reality vs. Illusion Theme Icon
Level Three: 0035 Quotes

Sorrento had tried to kill me. And in the process, he'd murdered my aunt, along with several of my neighbors, including sweet old Mrs. Gilmore, who had never hurt a soul. He'd also had Daito killed, and even though I'd never met him, Daito had been my friend.

And now Sorrento had just killed Shoto’s avatar, robbing him of his chance to enter the Third Gate. Sorrento didn't deserve his power or his position. What he deserved, I decided in that moment, was public humiliation and defeat. He deserved to have his ass kicked while the whole world watched.

Page Number: 339
Explanation and Analysis:
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Mrs. Gilmore Character Timeline in Ready Player One

The timeline below shows where the character Mrs. Gilmore appears in Ready Player One. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Level One: 0001
Reality vs. Illusion Theme Icon
Nerds, Underdogs, and Obsession Theme Icon
The Individual vs. the Collective Theme Icon
Utopia vs. Dystopia Theme Icon
On the way to his hideout, Wade stops at the trailer belonging to his neighbor, Mrs. Gilmore . She is a “sweet old lady” who offers him breakfast, although Wade declines. She... (full context)
Level One: 0014
Reality vs. Illusion Theme Icon
The Individual vs. the Collective Theme Icon
Inequality, Elitism, and Corporate Power Theme Icon
Utopia vs. Dystopia Theme Icon
...bringing the adjacent stacks down with it. With horror, Wade realizes that Aunt Alice, Rick, Mrs. Gilmore , and everyone who lived in Aunt Alice’s trailer are now dead. He considers calling... (full context)