Revolutionary Road


Richard Yates

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Revolutionary Road Characters

Frank Wheeler

A vain, smooth-talking man of thirty, Frank Wheeler is deeply concerned with seeming manly, likeable, interesting, and exceptional to others. He worries that he is weak and sentimental, and makes a show of being hard-headed… read analysis of Frank Wheeler

April Wheeler

Independent-minded and passionate, but chronically unhappy, April Wheeler is miserable with her life as a suburban homemaker. Brought up in an affluent setting by aunts, because her hard-partying parents did not want her, April wants… read analysis of April Wheeler

Shep Campbell

Coddled by his wealthy divorced mother as a child, by adolescence Shep Campbell feels determined to grow up to be tough. He feels that his wealth will make people think he is soft, and so… read analysis of Shep Campbell

Milly Campbell

Unlike April, Milly is happy with her life as a wife to Shep and mother to four sons. Milly is agreeable, loyal, pragmatic and conventional. Raised in poverty, she proves able to change her… read analysis of Milly Campbell

Helen Givings

A high-strung perfectionist, Helen Givings escapes from the unfulfilling aspects of her life by throwing herself into work as a realtor. She also expends her extra energy by renovating houses and then reselling them for… read analysis of Helen Givings
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John Givings

An intelligent non-conformist and former mathematics teacher, John Givings has been put into a state mental institution and subjected to electrical shock therapy after holding his parents hostage for a period of several days. His… read analysis of John Givings

Howard Givings

A frail man who seems older than his sixty-eight years, Howard Givings leads a relaxed, unstimulating life. He is able to exert control over John when he becomes agitated and can calm Helen, but… read analysis of Howard Givings

Earl Wheeler

A hardworking man who is good with his hands, Earl Wheeler doesn’t understand or approve of his son Frank. He manages to keep a job as a regional manager for Knox Business Machines through… read analysis of Earl Wheeler
Minor Characters
Jennifer Wheeler
The Wheelers’ six-year-old daughter, Jennifer is a sweet, anxious child. She hopes to gain her parents’ attention by imitating them, but suffers from a sense that her life could be turned upside down at any moment.
Michael Wheeler
The Wheelers’ four-year-old son, Michael is playful and loving.
Ted Bandy
Frank’s boss at Knox Business Machines.
Bart Pollock
An executive at Knox Business Machines, Pollock is a physically huge man who is passionate about selling computers. He recognizes Frank’s talent and recruits him to join his new public relations arm of the company.
Jack Ordway
An alcoholic who treats his life as a joke, Ordway is Frank’s best friend at Knox.
Maureen Grube
A twenty-two-year-old secretary at Knox Business Machines with whom Frank has an affair. Maureen seeks to seem sexy and sophisticated, but she is actually confused about who she is and what she wants.
Maureen’s older, more experienced, twice-divorced roommate.
Aunt Claire
April’s aunt and guardian.
Oat Fields
A general sales manager at Knox Business Machines in the 1930s. Earl is disappointed when he is not given a promotion to work as Oat’s assistant at the Home Office in New York City. Frank is repulsed by Oat’s large size and sloppy eating habits.
Warren Brace
Nancy Brace’s husband, Warren moves into the Wheelers’ house on Revolutionary Road after Frank sells it.
Nancy Brace
Warren Brace’s wife, Nancy moves into the Wheelers’ house on Revolutionary Road after Frank sells it.
Steve Kovick
A mediocre drummer who plays at Vito’s Log Cabin, the bar where the Wheelers and Campbells go to dance and drink.